Gateway GTO Association Club Points Page

GTO The purpose of the Club Points Participation System is to promote members' involvement in and attendance at Club-Sponsored-Events as well as at other events (cruises, car shows, etc.) wherein members attend - promoting the Pontiac GTO and The Gateway GTO Association.

Club Members and Associate Members can earn points in accordance with the rules outlined in the following pages. It is the individual member's responsibility to keep track of his earned points each month and to tabulate and submit his/her points on the GGTOA Points Submission Form - which also can be found in the following pages, the Club Newsletter and at Club meetings. The GGTOA Points Submission Form is to be provided to the Club Secretary for compilation within 30 days following the month in which the points are earned. Points received after that time may not be considered.

First, Second and Third place trophies are awarded to those Members/Associate Members scoring the most points during the calendar year. The trophies are awarded at the Club's annual Christmas/Holiday Party in early December of each year.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Club President or any other officer should you have any questions or issues relating to the Points Participation System.

So get that big, bad Goat out the garage - drive it to Club-Sponsored-Events and display it to the world at other events. All the time you will be earning points toward the year-end trophies, not to mention the sense of pride and satisfaction you will feel at any event when you pull up in the world's Original Musclecar - the Pontiac GTO.

Click here to download the points system and rules.

Members are responsible for keeping track of and submitting their own points totals on a montly basis. There are two forms available for submitting points. For members who want to print out a form and write in the points information, the manual form is provided below.

Click here to download the manual points submission form.

For members that would like to submit their forms via email, a form that can be filled in electronically is provided. This form should be downloaded, filled in, saved under a new file name (be sure the file name includes the member's name) and then emailed to the secretary. (This form requires MS Word).

Click here to download the electronic points submission form.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view the manual points submission form.