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1964 Pieces and Dreams

By Steve Hedrick

GTO One evening we had the '67 out for a cruise and we came across a guy with a very nice '64 Nocturne Blue hardtop. After talking for a bit, he explained how he came to have the GTO. Many years before, he bought a '64 Nocturne Blue and started a full frame off restoration. He had dreamed of a beautiful '64 GTO to cruise in and show. He took the car apart, I mean apart. After being overwhelmed for many years and not making much head way, he decided, to make his dreams come true; it might require a visit to E-bay. After finding the Nocturne Blue '64 he was dreaming about, he explained he needed to get rid of the '64 he was working on. I told him I was interested and we made plans to come over to see the car.

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